Available starting June 1st. Choose from Lemon Cucumber, Asian Cucumber, English, Persian Baby or Muncher. Muncher is our standard long green cucumber and produces a lot of good tasting cucumbers in late summer. The lemon cucumber looks lemony but tastes extra crunchy and sweet. Pick when just light yellow. No need to peel, just scrub it and eat like an apple or slice in salads. The Asian cucumber "Shintokiwa" is our favorite. It is long and curved with a very crisp texture and great flavor even when overgrown. English is long and thin, with thin skin and mild flavor. Plant in full sun after June 1st when nights are consistently above 50º. (Cucumber plants are very sensitive to cold soil and will often gradually die if planted too early.) Cucumber plant vines spread about 6 feet in either direction (but can be trained to go one direction). You can plant 2 to a hole. Space holes about 18" apart. A large pot with a trellis can work as well.

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