WeeBee Farms has been selling plants for your garden and 30 types of garlic at the Boulder Farmer's Market since 1996. We are not certified organic, but have been going above and beyond organic practices the whole time. Karen Beeman and Jock Little run the farm with help from our son and some wonderful farm helpers here and there.

How To Buy Plants and Garlic from Us- check out the tab called "More" on our home page for details.

When you order you will see several options for pick-up locations and times at the end of ordering. 
We have several ways to buy from us. Order online, and then choose your pick-up location and date on the order form.

Our Farm Location
We are about 13 miles North of Central Boulder and 8 Miles West of Longmont. We are currently not offering the farm as a pick up location. We are not open to the public outside of special event hours.

The best way to contact us is by email weebeefarms@gmail.com
There are many years of posts with information on what we grow, how to successfully grow your garden, etc at our regular website:  WeeBeeFarms.blogspot.com  Please check it out and use the search feature to find the information you're looking for.

WeeBee Farms - Are we organic?

At the farmer's market, we are not allowed to call ourselves organic because we are not certified organic. However, we have been growing by organic standards since 1996. Our garlic fields have not had any chemicals since 1993 when we moved here. We grow above and beyond organic standards!
Plants for sale in Spring- For seed starting we start with organic potting soil, mixed with worm castings for good bacteria. When potting up we add in our garden compost or llama/ goat compost. The seeds we buy are mostly organic, with very few exceptions. (Many certified organic growers don't use organic seeds, so it's always good to ask.) We never use Genetically modified seeds or treated seeds or even non-gmo seeds owned by Monsanto. For fertilizer we mostly rely on our homemade compost. Also we use worm castings for our pepper and tomato plants that we test for herbicide residue first, and sometimes our own compost tea.
For our compost we use only manure from our own animals which have been fed hay with no herbicide or pesticides, and organic food scraps and other organic feed. This is to avoid any residual contamination from long- lasting herbicides that could harm the plants and long-lasting pesticides that could harm the pollinators that gather pollen from the plants.

Garlic in the field- we enrich the soil with cover crops including buckwheat, rye, wheat, oats, peas, millet and sorghum. Every other year the garlic field is "fallow" and planted with these crops. We also till in some composted llama manure 3 weeks before planting. All garlic "seed" is organically grown. No pesticides or herbicides are ever used. No chemicals at all are used. We use organic seed for our cover crops to avoid pesticide residue that may harm pollinators. We have honey bees on the farm and are very conscious of the effects of the long-lasting neonicitinoid class of pesticide.