Available April 27th thru May 18thth. The salad bowl is an arrangement of lettuces and greens that make the perfect, easy way to grow your own salad. There are lettuce plants, sometimes chives or scallions and a few other tasty greens like purple mizuna, arugula (in cool weather) or cilantro (in warmer weather). Sometimes we add some baby carrots for more tasty fun! All plants are grown with WeeBee Farms high standards. From organic seeds, organic potting soil and homemade compost, no chemicals ever. We are non-certified organic and go above and beyond organic standards. The bowl is made of lightweight fiber material with drainage holes at the bottom and is re-usable. Works well on patios (not meant for planting in the ground). Buy in April and early May for best production. Available starting April 27th. Only for sale through May 18th. Makes a great Mother's Day gift! The salad bowl will produce about a salad a week through July 1st. Care instructions included. Two sizes available

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  • Return Policy: Sorry no returns on garlic or plants. Please contact us to let us know of any problems and we may be able to offer a credit.

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About Your “Salad Bowl” Planter

Care: Salad Greens prefer a cool environment. Put your Salad Bowl in a partly sunny area outdoors and keep moist with occasional deep waterings. A deck or patio is ideal if it has part shade. Fertilize every 2-3 weeks with a small amount of organic liquid fertilizer after harvesting.

Harvest: Cut often to keep plants regrowing. (Cut back to about 4” tall, or harvest bigger, outside leaves.) Always leave half the plant to continue growing! Greens will come back in about one week. The plants will grow for about 2-3 months, and will be finished when the weather turns hot. Cutting regularly and keeping the plants cool and well-watered helps extend their life. Plant chives outside and re-use pot.
More info at weebeefarms.blogspot.com (see April blog posts)