Available starting May 22nd. Plant May 22- June 10th. More stock may be added later so check back if something is sold out. 2 purple basils: Dark Opal is our favorite for garlic bread and spaghetti. A nice rich taste, slightly spicy. Rosie is taller with a more traditional but slightly clove-like taste. Our favorite green basil taste is the dwarf greek which has a very sweet basil flavor. It has small leaves that are easy to trim off for pizza or pasta. It gets to 12" x 12" size Sweet Italian basil, Genovese. All from organic seed.

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Italian large leaf basil, Genovese (slightly more compact plant, sweeter), Holy Basil (Tulsi), Rosie (red basil) Dark Opal (deep rich tasting heirloom purple basil), Thai basil, Dwarf Greek basil